Refund Policy


Unlocks are refundable when:

  • If we cannot provide a viable unlocking code for your device, we will issue a full refund.
  • If you received an unlock code but it failed to unlock your phone (and your phone is not frozen, blacklisted, or physically damaged), we will give you a refund. Note: in this case, we may request video proof of the failure.


Unlocks are non-refundable when:

  • Your order is in progress. These orders can't be canceled and refunded.
  • You provided an incorrect or invalid IMEI number.
  • The device has become hard locked due to repeated attempts to unlock it with incorrect codes
  • No video is provided as proof of failure
  • Retrieving the unlocking code takes longer than expected due to unforeseen delays. Our turnaround times are highly accurate, and we are not responsible for unexpected delays.
  • You ordered by mistake the incorrect service. (ex. You ordered AT&T, but your device is Verizon)
  • Your phone is from a CDMA carrier and you cannot insert an unlock code. In this case IMEI usually starts with 99XXXXXXXXXXXXX . 
  • All Samsung unlock codes are 100% working, because they are bought from Samsung. If the code does not work you probably have a custom firmware.
  • All HTC codes from the following countries will not work: ROMANIA, CROATIA, SERBIA, BULGARIA, MACEDONIA, ALBANIA, HUNGARY, GREECE, 3 HUTCHISON AUSTRIA. Carriers from these countries are changing factory codes, so unlock will not work.


Processing Time ( Unlock time ) please read carefully

All processing times displayed on each individual unlock page are stated in Business Days or Business Hours. 
The unlock times stated on the site are the average turn around time which is based on information collected from previous orders of each service. 

Please do not purchase if you can not wait the delivery times or moreThere are no refunds given while an unlock code is processing.

Store Credits

Store credits are not refundable back to Paypal/Stripe/Debit Credit card